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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Labour Day Outing 1.5.2010~♥

my half drank Coffee Island latte...

walao... wat kind of cards combination is this... hard to play le..

this poker cards accompany us for the time spent in Coffee Island.. hehe~

Sunday, April 18, 2010


A little bit new update of food beside selling products in these blog.. I'd discovered quite a lot of nice and yummy food & beverages in this Kuching city.. Din know there's also a lot of unique food that can hardly found outside kuching.. For this moment I really feel that Kuching food are always the BEST!!!

Bubble milk coffee~

For coffee lover, this bubble coffee in Life Cafe quite nice~ Nice for its look and reasonable price too! if u don like coffee, u can also try their bubble milk tea which is their main drink there~

**Must try!**7th mile Teh-C Peng~♥

The 3 layer Teh C peng which contains condensed milk, atap sugar syrup, and of coz "teh" is also quite a famous drink in Kuching. When talking about Teh C peng, most of the kuching ppl will automatically think of the 7th mile Teh C peng. I used to drink this Teh C peng with my family and frenss.. sometimes, i even drive to 7th mile just to drink the Teh C Peng whenever I feel like drinking.

Cappuccino @ The Living Room

I went to The Living Room with my fren one day during my study week (Study week supposed to study la.. not to relax..>.<) and tried the cappuccino there. But i don't think it's the best drink to drink.. The cappuccino is kinda so so only.. Compare to Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Bing coffee. but it cost me RM12 le.. quite expensive actually!

Peppermint Lemon

This peppermint lemon drink looked nice and attractive right?! Heheh..^^ They actually added in a big piece of peppermint leaf inside the drink to enhance the overall peppermint flavour of the drink. At 1st i'm so curious to see a big dono wat leaf inside the drink which was ordered by my fren. She Peppermint~

Meatball spaghetti @ Oregano

It looked seductive right? haha~ don't drop ur slaver after looking at tis pic o.. i like the meatball the most.. it reli taste good laR~ My goodness!!! go try out at Oregano or Side walk (both shops were owned by the same owner or shareholder i think..) and.. you'll love it..

Caramel latte float @ Oregano ♥

As a coffee lover, I always love coffee no matter local or non local from Kopi O (means black local coffee) to western coffee like Cappuccino, latte, mocha, etc. which we can always see them at those concept cafe like Bing coffee, Jase's Tea room and of course Starbucks coffee. The caramel latte float in Oregano is great in terms of its appearance and also its taste. The price is also reasonable @ RMM7.90 only for a coffee like tat. It has a great value of price and quality perceived~

Fried Dumpling @ After Four

I'd tried the dumpling in after four during my study week back to Kuching. Overall, not bad!♥

Sarawak Laksa♥

Reli Missssss laksa alot laR~ Laksa I ♥ YOU~ I'd been missing laksa badly as I can only get to eat it when I'm back to Kuching.. (though I go back quite often~) Muahahah^.^! Wahai my frensss in West Malaysia, bring u guys for laksa when u guys visit Kuching ya.. Must try laR! it's reli different from Penang laksa~

Steamed Chicken @ Fang Yuan

Their famous Grilled Char Siew ♥ Must try~!!

What I can say for this 2 dishes is MARVELLOUS!! Reli damn damn delicious laR! Everytime when I think of goin to eat steamed chicken with char siew I must reach their shop as early as possible.. you reli cant imagine those ppl have to stand and wait outside the shop to eat once it reaches 12pm in the afternoon.. We can hardly get a seat if we come late.. sometimes the business was so good until the char siew finished so early at 1pm.. My goodness! so.. better be early laR to get them into ur mouth~ Muahaha^.^

Thursday, April 1, 2010

我的心机眼膜 My Scheming Eye Mask

水晶玻尿酸保湿眼膜 Hydrating

功用:利用天然海藻多糖,甲壳素,并添加高效保湿因子玻尿酸,与弹力胶原蛋白等高机能复方精华液研发出[水晶玻尿酸保湿眼膜] 具有逆向转单向渗透吸收功能。补充肌肤需要的滋润,快速的浸透角质层,恢复油水平状态,减少眼部细纹,改善眼部暗沉肌肤,使眼周肌肤水嫩柔滑,白皙紧致,弹力紧致。

Efficacy:Natural seaweed polysaccharide, chitin, and highly effective moisturizer factor hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin Serum high-function compound developed [Crystal Hydrating Eye Mask ] one-way switch with reverse osmotic absorption. The skin needs moisture, rapid soak cuticle to restore the oil level, reduce eye fine lines, dull skin, eyes, make eye skin supple smooth, white, compact, elastic compact.

水晶Q10弹力眼膜 Crystal Q10 firming
功效:[水晶Q10弹力眼膜] 良好的皮肤穿透性及活化,修护肌肤,抚平皱纹增加肌肤光泽,提高肌肤的含水量,使眼周肌肤平滑细嫩,莹亮白晰,水嫩紧致。

Efficacy: [Crystal elastic Q10 Mask] good skin penetration and activation of repair skin, smooth shiny skin wrinkles increase and improve the skin's water content, so the eye skin smooth and delicate, sparkling, fair complexion, supple compact.

水晶15胜肽紧致眼膜 Wrinkle treatment
功效:[水晶15胜肽紧致眼膜] 能淡化肌肤纹路,让眼周肌肤更加平滑细致,有效抚平皱纹,预防干燥,改善眼部周围暗沉肌肤,更生及活化肤质使眼周肌肤柔滑水嫩,白皙透亮,紧肤除皱。

[Crystal Argireline firming] will lighten the skin texture, so that the eye is more smooth and soft skin, smooth wrinkles and effective to prevent dry, dull skin around the eye to improve the rehabilitation and revitalization of skin to smooth skin around eyes water soft, white translucent, Firming wrinkles.

水晶左旋C靓白眼膜 Anti-dark cycle

功效:[水晶左旋C靓白眼膜] 能淡化肌肤纹路,让眼周肌肤更加平滑细致,有效抚平皱纹,预防干燥,改善眼部周围暗沉肌肤,更生及活化肤质使眼周肌肤柔滑水嫩,白皙透亮,紧肤除皱。

[Crystal Anti-dark cycle] will lighten the skin texture, so that the eye is more smooth and soft skin, smooth wrinkles and effective to prevent dry, dull skin around the eye to improve the rehabilitation and revitalization of skin to smooth skin around eyes water soft, white translucent, Firming wrinkles.


1-10 > RM3.50


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

我的心机面膜My Scheming Mask♥

牛奶保湿美白面膜Milk extract (Moistening)


Efficacy: Milk not only offer skin nutrition, it's rich in animal fat, vitamins and minerals, a natural moisturizing effect, but also easy to be absorbed through skin, can prevent dry skin, and repair wrinkle. Moderate milk flavor, the perfect protein deposited in the face, you can immediately improve the rough, dull facial skin to reproduce perfect skin soft soothing, white and delicate, moisturizing, soothing, brightening color, enable transparent skin. Milk is rich in protein, vitamin A, B, E, natural sugars in milk with moisturizers, for there is an excellent moisturizing effect.

净化调理毛孔细致面膜Iris extract (Purifying)

功效:針對偏油性肌膚所設計,具有肌膚、抑制油脂分泌之用,使肌膚看起來更清晰、光滑溫和不刺激,徹底清除堆積於毛孔內污垢及老化角質,促進表皮代謝, 使肌膚晶瑩剔透肌膚無角質負擔時,才能有效吸收潤白成分,讓肌膚白皙亮麗長效保濕精華液,並添加高效保濕因子,為肌膚補充大量水分,讓肌膚不再乾燥缺水讓妳擁有一張水嫩嫩

Efficacy: Special recommend for oily skin, can inhibit the secretion of oils and fats function, so that the skin look more clear and smooth moderate to completely clear the accumulation in the pores with dirt and aging skin, deep pores, to prevent obstruction and promote skin metabolism. Adding ingredients with seaweed extract to help adjust metabolic problem, and Calendula, Hamamelis, Chamomile, mushroom extracts have to appease the role while there is moisture and improve the assist with the balance of skin oils.

深层角质清洁面膜BacillusFerment (Deep Cleansing)


Efficacy: Containing protein enzymes to speed up skin metabolism, and meticulous skin care. West Indian Cherry extract have the white skin effect to prevent aging. Hamamelis extract has to appease effects, all round improvement of the skin problem, so that grow of crystal clear skin and natural whitening color.

芦荟+维他命E修护面膜 Aloe extract+Vitamin E (Repairing)

功效:含天然蘆薈美膚因子,對肌膚之修護、使膚色變明亮,蘆薈具有高度保濕及修護功能,可使臉部肌膚有效預防乾燥,以及粗糙老化現象產生 ,供給肌膚養分,達到晶亮效果,讓肌膚呈現健康白皙的膚色,使臉部膚質更具光滑與彈性輕輕鬆鬆還你明亮光澤的肌膚!

Efficacy: Add a substantial concentration of natural aloe vera liquid, aloe contains a variety of precious human required amino acids, proteins, vitamins and other elements of long term use of skin can be activated with high degree of moisture to speed up the metabolism and helps minimize fine lines. An effective way to prevent dry, rough and aging generation, the supply of skin nutrients, moderate conditioning sensitive skin, to alleviate the effect of pacification. Softening the skin and make crystal clear skin, healthy restore vitality, enhance the skin smooth and delicate. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant to keep skin whitening, increase the stability of the skin, skin absorption be more effectively, and to play a more excellent effect of whitening so that the skin become more white translucent color and the face skin become more smooth and bright.

葡萄籽靓白焕肤面膜 Grape Seed extract

維生素E!且易被人體快速吸收,有利於體內維生素C的再利用,花青素的抗氧化效率比維生素C高18倍,同時它可以增強維生素C的效用,使皮膚代謝良好,預防黑色素囤積,為天然的防曬物質,讓皮膚更白晢潤澤 ,保護肌膚免於紫外線的荼毒並預防膠原纖維及彈性纖維的退化,使膚保持應有的彈性及張力,避免皮膚下垂及皺紋產生,使肌膚的年齡加密!

Efficacy: Grape seed extract and grape polyphenols can prevent and improve the face of fine lines and slow the aging phenomenon effects, grape seed extract easily absorbed by the face, enhance skin metabolism, so that the skin more moisturizing and whitening, retains flexibility and tension, to avoid wrinkles generated. Grape seed has excellent antioxidant capacity, and add natural plant extracts to enhance skin moisture during the day.

蚕丝蛋白面膜 Hydrolyzed Silk Protein


Efficacy: Silk protein containing amino acids, an effective and lasting moisture, restore a compact, fast absorption. Moisturizing ability to lock the water, moisten dry skin.

绿茶薏仁嫩白净痘面膜 Green Tea extract (Soothing)


Efficacy: With barley moderate helpful ingredients help on the skin rough, because of plant extracts containing antioxidant and vitamin ingredients. Nutrient composition contains a considerable number of proteins and fats, vitamins B1, B2 as well as calcium, iron, phosphorus and other minerals. The essence of green tea containing green tea polyphenol, help slow down aging, nutrition, taken together allow the skin anytime, anywhere full of vitality and vigor, bringing a new feel beauty to make your skin healthy upgrade.

草本抗痘面膜 Osmosoft (Oil Control)

功效:添加綠茶成分,尿囊素成份改善皮脂性、油脂分泌、油膩不潔肌膚 ,粗大毛孔、面皰肌膚 Bye Bye 囉

Efficacy: Mainly by natural green tea essence and natural plant extracts composition, containing high concentrations of green tea polyphenols that allows the skin more glossy while maintaining the skin's youth and vitality. It can also balance the oil secretion to improve adolescent skin problem because of oil derivatives and add Allantoin, Chamomile extract can clean, moisture and improve skin.

左旋C极净焕白面膜 Levoratory C (Vitamin C)


Efficacy: The promotion of skin metabolism and restore skin radiance and help to restore luster skin, reduce fine lines, so that the skin show shiny, effective against free radicals to prevent skin aging, skin firming role, remove darkening skin. Make your skin whitening, translucent, moisture crystal clear skin, through the biochemical role of white restore, improve the skin's self-defense capability so that glow of younger skin, brightening and whitening.

熊果素亮白无暇面膜 Arbutin extract (Decrease Blemish)

功效:熊果素能有效抑制酪胺酸酶的活性,能阻斷黑色素形成,使肌膚回復透白柔嫩,再搭配多種含豐富維他命C 的天然植物萃取,能充分改善肌膚色素沉澱不均及膚色暗沉現象,讓你肌膚亮白同時更能加強代謝,還你靚白好臉色!!

Efficacy: Arbutin can inhibit tyrosine enzyme activity, can block the formation of melanin, so that soft white skin permeability reply. Again with a variety of Vitamin C rich natural plant extracts, can fully improve uneven skin pigmentation and color tone situation so that you can simultaneously strengthen white skin metabolism.

Q10胶原蛋白弹力紧肤面膜 Q10 Collagen (Firming)


Efficacy: Exquisite selection of collagen extracted essence from Japan, Q10 as the main formula, collagen protein can promote skin elasticity, ingredient with seaweed extract to promote double action the skin skin moisturizing ability, so that you can maintain youth and vitality skin.
Coenzyme Q10 has a very good antioxidant function, exist in spinach, broccoli, nuts, meat and fish, with increasing age, Q10 secretion decreased, keratinocyte slower metabolism, coupled with job stress, environment, life does not rest normal and other factors, the skin will begi dry, uneven skin tone and fine lines.

珍珠粉蛋白面膜 Pearl extract (Brightening)


Efficacy: Adding with "pearl powder protein" will enhance skin vitality, maintain the skin moisture and flexibility. Particularly recomm
end the use for dry skin. Pearl protein will enable the skin to maintain the excellent water-degrees.

15胜肽胺基酸晶钻面膜 Argireline+Amino

功效:阻断神经传导, 使肌肉细胞呈现放松状态. 有效舒缓并抰制细纹及皱纹周边肌肉的收缩与活动. 帮助肌肤弹性组织回复柔顺平滑的线条, 减少脸部细纹.

Efficacy: Argireline is among the substances between amino acids and proteins. Argireline molecules smaller, more moderate and can be used for the skin. Easily absorbed small molecules slow down occuring of facial wrinkles, aging compact skin cells to prevent aging skin and healed fine lines.

海洋深层水钻石级面膜 Deep Ocean Water


Efficacy: Water rich in inorganic nutrients calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, germanium and 60 minerals and trace elements of several components, similar to the body of water molecules, small water molecules and its mineral content closest to the proportion of body composition the most easily absorption and utilization by the body to promote metabolism. Can be perfect integration, the rapid infiltration of the skin, immediately the supply of water, power locks water, long-lasting moisture, activating the skin so that your face look pure and moisture, meticulous smooth, exhilarating feeling, nourishing the skin, give necessary and sufficient skin needed moisture, so skin plump shiny.

燕窝胶原蛋白钻石级面膜 Edible Nest of Cliff Swallows


Efficacy: Bird's nest and collagen add in the mask, give double action of skin moisture. Moisture easy to keep skin flexible and efficient gloss with moisturizing factor, to prevent dry and rough aging phenomenon. An improvement in skin texture, skin nutrient supply and activation of the skin, to stengthen the metabolism. So that the skin back to normal tension and to prevent small wrinkles and increase skin's elasticity.

竹炭面膜Bamboo Charcoal


Efficacy: Added high levels of Q10, collagen, hyaluronic acid and other moisture-activating factor, have a variety of skin moisturizing and repairing effects. Super-suit material posted charcoal cloth mask can mask the essential ingredients of liquid tightly Keng in the skin, in addition to amazing moisturizing power, the bamboo charcoal cloth mask, containing activated carbon element can remove facial pores dirty.

樱花嫩白光采面膜 Sakura Whitening

功效:櫻花嫩白光采面膜,不只有淡淡的櫻花味,更精萃西印度櫻桃,讓西印度櫻桃裡天然的維他命C深入調理毛孔,滋養肌膚改善暗 沉,讓肌膚維持不緊繃的清爽狀態,還給肌膚明皙光采,再加上玻尿酸與多種植物精萃,其金盞花獨特效果,從古以來即可修護、舒緩肌膚,溫和的平衡油脂分泌, 同時給你健康好氣色。

Efficacy: Sakura whitening radiance mask, not only a hint of cherry flavor, but the essence of West Indian cherry, so the West Indian cherry in natural vitamin C in-depth conditioning pores, nourishes the skin to improve dull, skin is not tight to maintain the cool state, but also bright radiance to the skin, coupled with the essence of hyaluronic acid with a variety of plants, the marigold unique effect, you can repair since ancient times to relieve the skin, moderate balance oil secretion, while giving you a healthy feeling.

日本山茶花保湿面膜 Camellia Japonica

功效:天然山茶花萃取液可增加肌膚保濕及平撫作用,同時具有修護功效,玻尿酸、鎖水磁石保濕因子、荷荷巴滋潤油能使肌膚的保水能力變好,提升肌膚保濕效果,全面 緊實臉龐,透出水嫩光采。

Efficacy:The natural camellia extract increases the moisturizing and soothing function. And, it also repairs skin. Hyaluronan, saccharide isomerate moisturizing factor, and jojoba oil improve skin and prevent moisture loss. This mask improves hydrating effect and revitalizes your face for smooth

保加利亚玫瑰嫩白面膜 Bulgarian Rose (Whitening)

功效:玫瑰萃取液可深層滋潤肌膚、改善肌膚暗沉不均勻現象,玻尿酸可幫助肌膚補充水分,使用後可在肌膚上形成保護膜預防水分蒸發,使肌膚回復正常之張力讓肌膚更 細緻柔嫩。

Efficacy:Rose extract deeply moistures skin and improves uneven skin tone. Hyaluronan in this mask helps skin to replenish moisture. A protective layer preventing moisture loss is left on the skin upon. Your skin restores the normal tension for a delicate and smooth look!

普罗旺斯薰衣草舒缓面膜 Provence Lavender Soothing Mask

功效:薰衣草萃取液能平衡皮脂分泌、其香味可鎮定心情,使人較為放鬆!是針對敏感型肌膚專用,可舒緩皮膚的緊繃感及刺痛感,更添加洋甘菊萃取液和玻尿酸可增進皮 膚彈性,透出水嫩光采。。

Efficacy:Lavender extract balances sebum secretion. The fragrance calms and relaxes your mind. This mask is specially formulated for sensitive skin to soothe the tight and tingly feelings on face. With chamomile extract and hyaluronan added, this mask improves skin elasticity and give you a smooth and radiant skin.

红酒多酚面膜 Red Wine Polyphenols


Efficacy:Red wine richly contains grape polyphenol ingredient which is not only beneficial to the body but in recent years also became beneficial for skin maintenance. Includes anti-oxidizing properties and helps in maintaining a healthy and clear skin when used regularly.

台湾埔里酒粕面膜 Puli Ginjo Sake Kasu

功效:天然的酒粕活酵母含豐富的胺基酸、維生素、礦物質,能加速肌膚淨白,保濕,使肌膚水嫩有光澤!! 酒粕含有豐富的酵母菌,蛋白質,胺基酸,以及維生素成分,使肌膚清透白皙並能促進肌膚的新陳代謝,改善肌膚方面等問題,可使肌膚更光滑細緻。能潤白、保濕保水性、供給養分、潔淨肌膚,幫助肌膚營養補給增加保水性,促使肌膚更顯亮麗。可以長效保持肌膚滑嫩亮麗和彈力。使用後可以感受到肌膚變的淨白細緻、水嫩動人。

Efficacy: Natural wine yeast is rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, can accelerate the skin whitening, moisturizing, making skin supple and shiny!! Wine meal rich in yeast, protein, amino acids, and vitamin elements, and thus perfectly clear white skin and can promote skin metabolism, improve skin related issues, make skin more smooth and detailed. Can moisture, moisture retention, nutrient supply, clean the skin, skin nutrition supplies to help increase water retention, promote skin is more beautiful. Can be maintained long-term skin smooth, bright and elastic. Changes after use of whitening the skin can feel fine, supple and attractive.

1-10 > RM3.00
11-50 > RM2.80
50 above > RM2.50
100 above > RM2.30

The price above is excluding postage. Postage will be charged for purchase below 20 pieces. 20 pieces and above will be free postage! Order will be sent within 3-5 days after order. Send your order to my email dinedine89@gmail.com or add me in msn geral_feb89@hotmail.com!^.^

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Nail color with red dots and *blink blink* top
and some diamonds~!♥

shiny shiny~♥

fren of me with her menicure too~! nice^.^

Wednesday, March 24, 2010



LA EAU SUMMER超COOL冰鎮防曬止汗噴霧SPF40 PA+++採SPF40PA+++高防曬係數,雙重隔絕UVA、UVB傷害!蘊含天然白樺、蘆薈以及天然保濕因子,給肌膚充分保濕。添加薄荷精華,能舒緩 冰鎮曬後肌膚,質感清爽柔順不黏膩,擺脫傳統防曬品油膩感~還添加氨基酸和維他命複合體,能去黑嫩白~潤澤日曬後乾燥肌膚,迅速還原美白肌!

LA EAU SUMMER超COOL冰鎮防曬止汗噴霧SPF40 PA+++輕巧包裝,攜帶方便,可是外出時化妝包必備品!



5大特色 給你長達12小時的嚴密防護

  • SPF40 PA+++
  • 超強防潑水、汗、皮脂
  • 清透保濕不黏膩
  • 高透明感 薄荷香型
  • 臉、身體 皆適用

This product is introduced and recommend in the
Taiwan Lady Queen talk show. You just need to spray it gently to your skin and feel cool and cosy where your skin been rejuvenated! It also help to isolate the sunlight UV from harming your skin.

LA EAU SUMMER contains high SPF 40++ which can last for 12 hours and double protection of UVA/UVB. It contains
betula platyphylla Suk, aloe vera and natural moisturizing factors which highly moisture the skin. With additional mint extract it can soothen your skin after sun exposure without feeling greasy like any other sunblocks. Also, it contains amino acid and choline which help to prevent darkening but whitening your skin shortly.

Besides, it is easy to bring along because of its light and handy packaging. It is the necessity in your cosmetic pouch especially during summer or big sun!

Direction for use: Shake before use and spray it to you body part from 10-15cm. After spraying apply evenly to your face or body. Do not spray straight to your face but spray it to your hands and pat it over your face.

Applicable users: Person who stay long for outdoor activites or working.

The ice uv protector mist is only RM25 only include postage, the fair and reasonable price especially for students!
Anyone who are interested can pre-order from me ya!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010



本软膜膏是SHISEIDO最新科技研制而成的独特成份,有效地对粉刺皮肤起显著疗效,能滲透皮肤和快速拔除面部的黑头,並可紧肤拉皮,收缩粗大毛孔,排除面部热毒达到美白滋养肌肤功效。标志著SHISEIDO最新护肤科技研究而成的美白修护软膜膏,蕴含一种有效对抗皮肤老化及色素沉著的独特成分。LAG Revitalizer,能迅速滲透肌皮基层,有效帮助肌肤保持水分及养分,具有改善黑斑、雀斑、粉刺、粗毛孔,減少面部细纹,促进皮肤本身骨胶原再生, 令弹性回复,肌肤娇嫩動动人。

SHISEIDO Black Head Removal Nose Mask

Effectively remove Black & Whiteheads in just 30mins Has Pore Tighting effect too!

How To Use:

1) Spread and apply evenly onto freshly cleansed dry skin. Avoiding areas around the eyes, eyebrows, hairline and lips. (can use anywhere where u have blackhead except those that u shld avoid)For best result, steam your face with hot water to open up the pores.

2) After the mask has dried (appoximate 30mins), peel off from the outer edges upwards towards the center.

3) For best results, apply toner & moisturizer upon completion.

4) Use 2-3 times per week for better result.

The black mask is selling RM2.50 each and

get 1 FREE mask along with 6 pieces of masks purchased.

get 2 FREE masks with 10 pieces of masks purchased.

The more u buy the more rewards u get!

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Mexi dress offer for sale~!

A friend of mine wanna sell off her long mexi dress which is still brand new and never worn before! The dress is until the feet length and bare back. The size is U.K 14 and is stretchable. The reason of selling this dress is that the size of the dress unfit her body size. She wanna sell it at the damn lower price at RM65 include postage as she bought it at the price of RM89 for those who interested. We offer RM60 for USM students as postage is excluded. Anyone who are interested come Grab this item immediately!~