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Tuesday, March 23, 2010



本软膜膏是SHISEIDO最新科技研制而成的独特成份,有效地对粉刺皮肤起显著疗效,能滲透皮肤和快速拔除面部的黑头,並可紧肤拉皮,收缩粗大毛孔,排除面部热毒达到美白滋养肌肤功效。标志著SHISEIDO最新护肤科技研究而成的美白修护软膜膏,蕴含一种有效对抗皮肤老化及色素沉著的独特成分。LAG Revitalizer,能迅速滲透肌皮基层,有效帮助肌肤保持水分及养分,具有改善黑斑、雀斑、粉刺、粗毛孔,減少面部细纹,促进皮肤本身骨胶原再生, 令弹性回复,肌肤娇嫩動动人。

SHISEIDO Black Head Removal Nose Mask

Effectively remove Black & Whiteheads in just 30mins Has Pore Tighting effect too!

How To Use:

1) Spread and apply evenly onto freshly cleansed dry skin. Avoiding areas around the eyes, eyebrows, hairline and lips. (can use anywhere where u have blackhead except those that u shld avoid)For best result, steam your face with hot water to open up the pores.

2) After the mask has dried (appoximate 30mins), peel off from the outer edges upwards towards the center.

3) For best results, apply toner & moisturizer upon completion.

4) Use 2-3 times per week for better result.

The black mask is selling RM2.50 each and

get 1 FREE mask along with 6 pieces of masks purchased.

get 2 FREE masks with 10 pieces of masks purchased.

The more u buy the more rewards u get!

** There are ready stocks available now**

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