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Sunday, April 18, 2010


A little bit new update of food beside selling products in these blog.. I'd discovered quite a lot of nice and yummy food & beverages in this Kuching city.. Din know there's also a lot of unique food that can hardly found outside kuching.. For this moment I really feel that Kuching food are always the BEST!!!

Bubble milk coffee~

For coffee lover, this bubble coffee in Life Cafe quite nice~ Nice for its look and reasonable price too! if u don like coffee, u can also try their bubble milk tea which is their main drink there~

**Must try!**7th mile Teh-C Peng~♥

The 3 layer Teh C peng which contains condensed milk, atap sugar syrup, and of coz "teh" is also quite a famous drink in Kuching. When talking about Teh C peng, most of the kuching ppl will automatically think of the 7th mile Teh C peng. I used to drink this Teh C peng with my family and frenss.. sometimes, i even drive to 7th mile just to drink the Teh C Peng whenever I feel like drinking.

Cappuccino @ The Living Room

I went to The Living Room with my fren one day during my study week (Study week supposed to study la.. not to relax..>.<) and tried the cappuccino there. But i don't think it's the best drink to drink.. The cappuccino is kinda so so only.. Compare to Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Bing coffee. but it cost me RM12 le.. quite expensive actually!

Peppermint Lemon

This peppermint lemon drink looked nice and attractive right?! Heheh..^^ They actually added in a big piece of peppermint leaf inside the drink to enhance the overall peppermint flavour of the drink. At 1st i'm so curious to see a big dono wat leaf inside the drink which was ordered by my fren. She Peppermint~

Meatball spaghetti @ Oregano

It looked seductive right? haha~ don't drop ur slaver after looking at tis pic o.. i like the meatball the most.. it reli taste good laR~ My goodness!!! go try out at Oregano or Side walk (both shops were owned by the same owner or shareholder i think..) and.. you'll love it..

Caramel latte float @ Oregano ♥

As a coffee lover, I always love coffee no matter local or non local from Kopi O (means black local coffee) to western coffee like Cappuccino, latte, mocha, etc. which we can always see them at those concept cafe like Bing coffee, Jase's Tea room and of course Starbucks coffee. The caramel latte float in Oregano is great in terms of its appearance and also its taste. The price is also reasonable @ RMM7.90 only for a coffee like tat. It has a great value of price and quality perceived~

Fried Dumpling @ After Four

I'd tried the dumpling in after four during my study week back to Kuching. Overall, not bad!♥

Sarawak Laksa♥

Reli Missssss laksa alot laR~ Laksa I ♥ YOU~ I'd been missing laksa badly as I can only get to eat it when I'm back to Kuching.. (though I go back quite often~) Muahahah^.^! Wahai my frensss in West Malaysia, bring u guys for laksa when u guys visit Kuching ya.. Must try laR! it's reli different from Penang laksa~

Steamed Chicken @ Fang Yuan

Their famous Grilled Char Siew ♥ Must try~!!

What I can say for this 2 dishes is MARVELLOUS!! Reli damn damn delicious laR! Everytime when I think of goin to eat steamed chicken with char siew I must reach their shop as early as possible.. you reli cant imagine those ppl have to stand and wait outside the shop to eat once it reaches 12pm in the afternoon.. We can hardly get a seat if we come late.. sometimes the business was so good until the char siew finished so early at 1pm.. My goodness! so.. better be early laR to get them into ur mouth~ Muahaha^.^

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